Questions About Pregnant Adoption?

What is Open Adoption?

pregnant woman on phone asking questions about adoption One of the questions about adoption that we hear a lot is “what is an open adoption?”. In an open adoption, the adoptive parents and the birth parents continue to have a relationship after the adoption is final. And as the child grows up, this relationship can often include the child too. They all may communicate through letters & pictures, via email or text messages, with phone calls or video conferencing like FaceTime, or even getting together once or twice a year for in-person visits. Every open adoption looks a little different and the relationship will grow over time.

It is important that both adoptive parents and birth parents talk about their expectations in open adoption prior to the adoption taking place so they can make sure they are on the same page.
Open adoption provides a beautiful framework for the adoptee to grow up knowing the truth of who they are and why their birth mother made the loving choice of adoption.

How Does the Adoption Process Work If I’m Pregnant – A Quick Overview

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption, you may wonder how adoption works today. The first step, is just reaching out by phone or text. We will have you complete a form online that begins the process – don’t worry, it isn’t the final adoption paperwork, it just is informational so we can best help you! We will help you find a family for your child. You can search by whatever criteria is important to you and you can email or talk to them and get to know them before deciding.

Once you’ve picked parents for your baby, you can get to know them more, and even talk about the type of contact you want for the future. When your baby is born, the parents will travel to you. Usually the baby is discharged from the hospital with the adoptive parents, and a few days later you will sign the final adoption papers. There is counseling and help for you along the way, even help with your expenses!

If you have more questions about adoption, take the first step and reach out today – caring help is just a call or text away. We are avilable 24/7 at 1-800-923-6784.